Watch out for Custom Entities Name

When adding new entities to MSCRM a special attention goes to the singular and plural conceptual names given to the entity.

Although the interface does no complain when creating and alterintg the entity, it should not have the same names as another entities.

As an example is the standard Territory entity provided in MSCRM, which has Territory and Territories as singular and plural names. It is possible to add new entities with the same singular and plural conceptual names, however when the customizations xml is imported in a new MSCRM deployment, the import fails!

I found only ways of correcting this issue, as follows:
  1. Alter the entities names on the source deployment until you get a correct customization xml file.
  2. Alter the xml file itself in until the import goes Right. This second alternative is not advised because altering the xml file should be a last resort and because the first alternative leaves you with both deployments “exactly” the same. However it is no always possible to export the xml again, if this is the case, the xml file should be altered in the following types of entries:
  • LocalizedName
  • Original Name
  • LocalizedCollectionName

The three types of entries mentioned will appear in several places, some relative to the base MSCRM entity, in which case it should not be modified, and the the custom entity created, in which case the name (in the example “Territory ” and “Territories”) should be altered to another name that is not being used to other entities.

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