2015 Update 1: Navigation Bar and Global MRU

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Update 1 (code named Carina) brings a lot of new great functionalities, in this post the changes to the Navigation Bar and MRU are presented.

Navigation Bar

As per image below, some things change in the Navigation bar

In detail:

  1. The name of the product, previously used as “Area/Module Switch”, is now the Home button: Users can click on it to go to the default view/location that have chosen to see when they login.
  2. “Home” is now “Area/Module Switch”: Now the user can not only see all modules and, when clicking in the module, also the see the options inside each module and quickly navigate to them (image below on it).
  3. New button for “Global MRU”: This is a new feature that we are going to detail in the section below.

Global Most Recently Used (MRU)

Previously users could see MRU lists when navigating in a specific entity view (e.g.: Opportunity, etc.), this would show up to the last 10 records the user has navigated to, and would be in relation with the browser the user was in (as it was stored in a cookie, where the same user, logging into other browsers and/or machines, would not see the same list). Now there’s a new functionality called Global MRU, which allows users to see all the most recent records they navigated to and now also the most recent views accessed. Additionally the user can now pin MRU records and views on the Global MRU so that they stay in this list even if not accessed recently anymore.

There’s not much detail into whether this is still linked to each browser or if this is now stored in CRM globally, in order for the same user to have the same lists everywhere they login, but judging by the pin functionality, and considering this already exists for views globally, this would almost certainly be cookie less now. A nice cherry on top of the cake, :D.

Stay tuned, more posts to come on 2015’s Update 1 and its new functionalities.

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