Bulk Delete (Standalone Application)

I’ve made available (https://mscrmebulkdelete.codeplex.com) a small Bulk Delete GUI to help on any efforts to apply mass bulk deletes in a MSCRM Instance.

Features available:

  1. Store connection information
  2. Ability to delete more than one entity per run (simply type the schema name of each entity on a new line)
  3. Progress output (including logging on any issues found

This is an initial version to help you going on bulk deletes, a future version is also planned as a MCRMe Add-on, please post any new feature suggestions and bugs found into the codeplex project.

Top 10 CodePlex Tools for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

CodePlex is probably the best source of free and open source Microsoft projects.

Amongst other uses, it is used extensively by the Microsoft Communities to share free tools and add ons to existing CRM technologies (MSCRM; SharePoint; etc.)

Currently hosts around ~794 on CRM.

So… a lot…to trim it down a little bit, below is a top 10 of what I consider currently to be the best, most helpful, tools in CodePlex for MSCRM. These are tools I use consistently in a daily basis and that in generally an IT professional working in the Microsoft CRM arena, would, or should, know.


And you? What is your top 10? Got any favorites? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Chers.

MSCRM ToolKit updated to work with CRM 2015

MSCRM ToolKit was updated this weekend to work with CRM 2015.

MSCRM ToolKit  is now compatible with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011,2013 and 2015 projects.

MSCRM ToolKit allows for core records to be migrated between environments (DEV; UAT; PRD) and keep the same guids, this is extremely valuable as it prevents several issues when using lookups to these records on workflows, views etc.

This tool is available at http://mscrmtoolkit.codeplex.com/